I have seen some amazing things when doing art with seniors. I have seen glimpses of memories come back. Individuals have lost tremors in their muscles and improved co-ordination. After making art seniors have a sense of accomplishment and they are proud of their work. When part of a group making art they feel connected.

An upcoming project I am looking forward to is ‘H’Art Space’. It is a time when seniors can come together to make some art projects. This is a free project made possible by a ‘Healthy Together Now’ grant, as well as participation from ‘Two Rivers Resources for Seniors’, and the Pinawa Art Gallery. It will be lead by myself, Joye Platford Art Therapist. Do you know anyone who is a senior who is isolated or can not do the activities they used to do? Would you like to be a volunteer? The program starts Tuesday February 12 at 1:30 at the Pinawa Art Gallery. Email me joyezart@gmail.com